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  • Frozen cut spinach – 2lb

    Spinach belongs to the chenopodiaceae family (also known as goosefoot), which includes beetroot, chard and quinoa. It shares a similar taste profile with these vegetables – the bitterness of beet greens and the slightly salty flavour of chard. There are three different types of spinach available: savoy, semi-savoy and smooth leaf.

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  • Frozen Oha – 500g

    Oha leaf are edible leaf used for both Culinary and medical purpose, they contain minerals like calcium magnesium, pottasium, iron, copper,zinc and manganses etc, they are used in preparing of the popular Oha soup .

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  • Frozen Tilapia Fish – one box

    In Nigeria, Tilapia fish is a widely consumed fish known for its mild taste. At Fresh To Dommot, we source for our fish from the best and our frozen tilapia fish are preserved under the highest hygienic conditions. We guarantee fish that maintains that freshness and texture you require to spice up your cooking. Frozen tilapia fish can be boiled, fried or grilled making it a great option to be paired with any meal or enjoyed alone.

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  • Frozen Ugu – 500g

    Ugu leaf are very popular in Nigeria , they are said to be rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, they can also help speed up healing process and also rich in iron

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